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AROUND Mountaintop Ranch

 Surrounded on 3 sides by the Shenandoah National Park, come and experience the beautiful views and vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We offer an array of outdoor activities with 360-degree views at 3,300 ft!

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Horseback Riding at Mountaintop Ranch is a real vacationer treat. A totally unique way to experience
the Blue Ridge Mountains!

Mountaintop Ranch offers rides for our cabin guests and the public. Most rides are private tours but we do take groups up to 8 people. Rides are by reservation only. We offer 4 rides and adjust times according to clients preference and the Ranch scheduling.

Preference is given to guests staying in our cabins on the Ranch. We ride year-round, weather and footing permitting. Come enjoy one of the most memorable experiences you will have in the Blue Ridge Mountains on the back of some of the best horses in the World ( and we don’t say that lightly). Most of the horses were
bred, born, and trained here on the Ranch.
Rides are guided tours only. All rides done at the walk while you take in the breathtaking scenery.

For descriptions of our rides and prices, please visit the "Horseback Riding" page. 


Mountaintop Ranch offers supervised target shooting off our mountain trails. This activity is supervised by Ranch staff ONLY! Clients have to provide their own weapons and ammunition. 



Bring your fishing poles along, with 350 acres to roam you're sure to find use for it! The ranch has a fishing pond on property within a few yards from the cabins! There is also creek fishing on Naked Creek. 


Many trails provide hours of hiking adventures on our 400 acre mountain. Trails are marked and maps are available.

*Pets are allowed on hiking trails

Back Country Hike to Naked Creek Falls With Snack Pack

Mountaintop Ranch has private access to the 60ft and 45ft falls. All access to and from the Falls is private property except one access route from Big Meadows. However, Shenandoah National Park has not maintained or made this path accessible to the public.  Mountaintop Ranch has arranged to have private guided Back Country hikes to the falls. We provide trekking poles to help you through your hike. You will hike downhill to the falls. Once you arrive, relax, explore and swim in the 40ft deep pool at the bottom of the falls. We will exit the falls on the park fire road and up through a small private property where there will be a vehicle waiting to bring you up the mountain. No strenuous uphill hiking required! This hike includes a snack pack with dried fruit, jerky, trail mix and an electrolyte packet for your water. 

(We also offer a Hike/Ride Excursion with Lunch. Check out our Horseback Riding Page for more details)

Hike with Snack Pack: $75 per/person


Nightly cabin rentals are available. Enjoy a cozy weekend getaway or a family trip and choose from one of our spacious cabins that include a full-size shower, two bedrooms, a full kitchen and views that you'll never forget! 

Check out our Cabin Page for an overview on our two rental cabins and our Packages Page for options offered to customize your stay. 

*Pets are Welcome for a fee


Test your aim! Mountaintop Ranch now has skeet shooting available. We provide an operator for the skeet machine, shotguns, clays, ammunition, hearing and eye protection. We currently have 12 gauge and 20 gauge shotguns available.


                                                 Single Shooter:25 clays $85

                                                         Doubles: 35 clays $150

Cancellation Policy

In the event of inclement weather, we will issue a full refund if rescheduling is not an option. Aside from inclement weather, we do not offer any other cancellation policy for a refund. We are, however, happy to reschedule with you if possible. 




An Appalachian Native, Lebert has a true love of the land. He enjoys fishing, hunting and riding his horses. He is rarely seen without his sidekick, Whiskey, near his side. Lebert is the glue that keeps this Ranch looking beautiful.



A true outdoor enthusiast, you'll rarely find Evan inside. He has a deep love for nature and spends his free time hiking, hunting, riding,  and taking his dog, Cobain, on new adventures.



Dixie is from a local Mennonite family. She enjoys riding her horses, meeting new people, and exploring the beautiful nature around her. 

Your Guides Salary Depends Greatly Upon the Quality of Their Service and the Generosity of Your Gratuities.

All activities are by appointment only!

For all bookings, please contact us via phone call or text message!

Tel: 540-298-8909

Text: 540-405-1154


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